Why Scientists are idiots!

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Why Scientists are idiots!

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:35 am

OK to start with i think that its bull of crap that scientist think just because the Mayan calender ends on the 21st of December 2012! But it's not true! scientist and of you if your reading this then WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY THE WORLDS GONNA END?! YOU'RE SCARING LITTLE KIDS MORONS! seriously They only stopped at December 21st 2012 Because they couldn't predict farther so apparently we can't rely on scientist because they're KNOW IT ALL'S! and for you're information ITS A NEW ERA! EVEN MODERN MAYANS SAY THEY'RE ANCESTORS NEVER EVER MEANT THAT! so why the hell would you say "WERE ALL DEAD ON THE 21st!" listen dippy's they'res people going suicide over that! SO STOP!!! PLEASE! go on the news or something saying it was false dont scare the kids!! my little brother is FREAKING TERRIFIED NOW! IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING! GO AHEAD SAY IT'S ENDING! BUT ONCE it doesnt end you're going to feel 3 things
NON scientist like!

IF any kids read this which i doubt will it wont end SCIENTIST WHO READ THIS YOU'RE STUPID!!! VERY STUPID!!!!!


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